Top 10 Islamic Quotes about Sujood [Beauty of Sujood]

Islamic Quotes about Sujood:

Are you searching for Top 10 Islamic Quotes about Sujood with beautiful images. Here’s the top 10 quotes about Sujood:

1- The shortest distance between a problem & it’s solution is the distance between your knees & the floor.

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2- When your heart becomes heavy. Let it pull you down into Sujood.

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3- In this Dunya there is no greater pleasure than Sujood.

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4- Turn each anxiety, fear and concern into Du. See it as another reason to be in Sujood, the position in which you are closest to Allah.

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5- Make Sujood (Sajadah) and pour your heart out.

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6- If you knew how powerful the sujood is, you would never lift your head off the ground.

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7- I cried an ocean of tears but nobody care. I cried in Sujood and Allah give me Sabr.

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8- Crying on your pillow won’t solve problems. To solve it, cry on your praying mat in Sujood (Sajadah) and tell Allah Almighty everything.

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9- The solution to your problem is in Sujood.

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10-Sometimes a silent whisper in Sujood is heard like a loud and powerful roar in the heavens.

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