How to Memorize Quran in One Year? 

It is a fact that many Muslims memorize Quran out of their love and devotion to this book. It merely depends on their capacities in what time period they achieved their target.

This article will walk you through many practical tips on how to memorize Quran in 1 year. Let’s dive in

Practical tips to memorize Quran in 1 year.

Depending on this perspective of ability and capacity, you can memorize Quran online in as little as 6 months and as long as 5 to 7 years.

Here we are giving you some practical and helpful tips to memorize Quran in 1 year.

Realize the prerequisites of memorization.

Memorizing Quran is an ordeal and there are certainly some defined prerequisites that you should consider before embarking on this sacred journey.

Your willpower has a crucial role to play in this task. If you think you can memorize Quran, if you are mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared for it, then you should give it a chance from all your heart and soul.

Secondly, knowing the Quranic Arabic has its own significance. To start memorizing the Quran, you need to have a sound knowledge of the Arabic language.

Thirdly, Tajweed plays a vital role in memorization as a single trivial mistake in the recitation of this scripture may lead to sin. If you already have attended Tajweed classes and can recite the Quran perfectly then, you can start your  Quran memorization classes where you can make your dream come true!

Hire a professional online Hifz tutor.

A professional teacher plays a pivotal role in your memorization journey. Many people ask: can I memorize Quran by myself? We, out of our knowledge and experience, will recommend you do Quran Hifz online.

The reason for that is simple and clear, a professional teacher knows all the intricacies and tough routines a student will face. So, they devise different strategies to maintain the level of devotion and engage students at the same time.

We would suggest hiring a teacher who has memorized the Quran in 1 year. Such a teacher can easily help achieve the target in a year successfully. Even if the Quran tutor has not memorized it in 1 year, still they can make a study map for you to keep you on track.

Get a customized Quran hifz plan for your classes.

This is the most important tip that can make you a winner in this regard. If your teacher has made a customized 1-year plan of Quran Hifz, it will give you a clear picture in a broader spectrum as to how many pages you need to memorize daily, how much time you need to give to your revision, from where can you start the hifz Quran, and what are the chances of completing juz quickly.

According to many online Quran platforms, the following is the average calculation of pages you need to memorize daily to hifz Quran in a year.

Verses per day 20
Pages per day 2


To accomplish your target of Hifz you need to follow your schedule systematically by making sure that you are making it up with the given aim.

You can even customize your plan according to the tough or easy Chapters arranged differently. For example, you can memorize Surah AL-Yaseen before memorizing Surah Al-Nisa because Al-Yaseen is easier to read and recite than Al-Nisa.

The main goal is to memorize the whole book so you can memorize by arranging your own schedule with the help of your Quran hifz teacher.

Stay extra dedicated, committed, and consistent.

Remember that you are not following a 5-year plan so you need to stay extra motivated, committed, and consistent. This journey of 1-year of memorization needs a lot of perseverance.

You do not have days or even hours to waste by saying that you will catch up with the lesson tomorrow. If you have opted for a 1-year hifz course that means you are already too motivated and committed.

All you need to do is to buckle up your energy and morale by reminding yourself about the happiness Allah and His angels would feel. As the words of the hadith are:

Ibn Abbas reported: The Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, said,

Allah Almighty said: O son of Adam, if you remember Me in solitude, I will remember you in solitude. If you remember Me in a gathering, I will remember you in a gathering greater than the one in which you remembered Me.”

Start with the 30th Juz.

Another helpful tip is to start memorizing Quran from Juz Amma (the 30th chapter). It is certainly the Easiest way to memorize Quran because the Surahs in the 30th chapter is very short and easy. Normally, people recite them in Salah and have learned many of the Surahs at some point in their lives.

Once you have started the Juz, you will gain momentum and your morale will be boosted up high. The majority of the Surahs are really easy because we already know them since childhood. So, in order to complete the whole Quran in 1 year, select Surahs, and chapters that have comparatively easy verses.

Revise the memorized pages in salah every day.

We pray 5 salah in a day and Allah has already given us plenty of chances to revise our hifz portion several times a day during Salah.

This revision has nothing to do with the original revision that you should do after memorization of daily lessons. Salah is a bonus that you have got to perfect your hifz and Tajweed.

Divide the learned pages and practice and revise them. For example, you have memorized 2 pages today, so revise 10 verses in 1st salah and 10 in the next. Then again the first 10 verses in the 3rd Salah and the next 10 in the 4th. Revise all the memorized verses in the last Salah.

Fix 3-time slots for this task.

The best way to memorize the Quran is to make 3-time slots comprehensively throughout the day.

The first time slot is for the new lesson on memorization. This should be given the best time of the day i-e the dawn (after fajr). This is the time full of Allah’s blessings, Rahmat, and peace. So, after fajr, have your breakfast and start the class.

The second time slot is for the new revision i-e the recently learned verse in the morning and the verses you have memorized from the last few days (2 to 3 days). This should be given 2 hours to get fruitful results. It can be done after zuhr so that you can easily have some rest before the 3rd slot.

The third time slot is for the old revision i-e the verses and pages learned a week ago or more than a week. Remember that if you will revise the old and new lessons on a daily basis, only then you can complete your hifz in a year. This slot should be given hours depending on the increased verses to be revised. For example, you must revise the whole juz, which requires more time. You can do this after maghrib prayer.

Stick to the easiest way to memorize Quran.

Do what suits you! You do not have to follow the plans of any other person if you are not easy with that. Let’s say your friend memorized verses by walking out in the park because it helps him stay fresh and focused. But, maybe it won’t work for you as it worked for him. Check and try for yourself, which way suits you the most.

Some of the easiest ways of memorizing are listed here for your help.

  • Sitting in a calm and vacant room
  • Reading out the verses loud and clear
  • Listening to the audios of the Qaris
  • Looking at the visuals of the verses on the screen
  • Walking around in a room to stay fresh
  • Sitting on a grass
  • Wearing microphones to get detached from the rest of the people around
  • Closing eyes to recall the visuals of the verses from the Mushaf
  • Moving fingers as if you are writing the text

Be regular and punctual.

To complete your hifz in 1 year, you need to be regular and punctual for your Quran classes from Hidayah Network. Taking a day off due to any urgency should be once in a blue moon. You need to be very well-managed and well-prepared for everything so that you can take out the time for your classes easily.

The more you are regular and punctual, the better will be your timing to manage your hifz planner.

Find a memorization buddy.

It really works wonders if you have a friend who is memorizing with you. You can have a healthy competition with your hifz buddy. You guys can read the lessons to each other and mark the errors to perfect them.

A friend is a real support system when you are on such a rigorous task. Sometimes you feel down and unmotivated, but this very friend will help you get out of that gloomy mood and bring you back on track.

Make dua to Allah to make the target easy for you.

Nothing is possible without the help of Allah. He is the one who will put barakah in your time, capacity, memory, health, and lessons.

Make dua like: rabbi yassir wala tuassir, Oh my Rabb! Make it easy and don’t make it difficult.

Recite all the duas every time you start your lesson so that you feel the blessings and help of Allah.

Do not give up.

There will be times when you will be so exhausted that you will be on the verge of giving up. We suggest keeping yourself together when you face such a moment in a year-long journey. Keep in mind that you have to strike when the iron is hot. If you will successfully come out of that dark time, believe me, you will make it up till the end!

Opt for a calm and bright place to hifz.

The place you select to sit in is very important because you need to spend hours over there. If the place is dark and not comfy enough to sit easily it will lead to boredom and fatigue.

If the room is spacious and bright, it will give you a boom every day you will enter. To keep yourself focused and attentive, there should be no disturbance of voices around you. Not even the horns!

To keep yourself motivated, paste the relevant ayats on walls, paste your hifz-tracker to keep an eye on it, and paste your timetable and lesson planner for a month to see it every time you enter the room.

Keep some extra cushions to have some rest, or to sit with support. Hifz Quran doesn’t mean you have to sit in a static position for hours. Choose what makes you comfortable.

Come back with a bang.

This point is somewhat related to the previous one. Whenever you leave the lesson, come back with a bang. Start with a fresh and happy mood, do not get stressed, do not panic, and stay relaxed and calm.

Get benefitted from Ramadan.

What an amazingly blessed opportunity you will get in a year-long hifz period to keep memorizing and revising more than usual. Ramadan, a month of divine blessings, has so much barakah in its time that many of the huffaz claim to have completed their hifz in this blessed month.

You can avail of as much as you can, during your fast. Remind yourself of the infinite rewards a fasting person will have.

Revise your memorized verses and juz in Taraweeh prayer, nawafil, and Quran dawr.

Cut down all the distractions for a year.

If you are wasting your time on games, social media, gossip, and simply scrolling the web, then you need to cut down on your mobile phone as you will be distracted and waste a lot of precious time.

Avoid watching series and plays, and spend that time in revision. Even if your family is also distracting you by talking and having fun around, go and sit where you can’t hear them.

The words of the hadith are:

 “ Part of the perfection of a person’s Islam is his leaving that which is of no concern to him.”

Sleep early to wake up early.

To be energetic and fresh, you need to sleep early to have at least a good 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. The more you are mentally and physically fresh, the better will be your memory retention.

On the contrary, if you are sleeping too late and waking up early for your lesson, you will end up yawning, lethargic, and irritable.

Similarly, if you are getting up late and then starting memorizing Quran, you have already wasted the prime time of the day. So, sleep early to wake up early to avail the best of the hours of daylight.

Have a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

It is a famous saying, ‘You are what you eat!’ It means if you are having junk and unhygienic food, you will have negative thoughts, an unhealthy lifestyle, and a poor diet which is a big no for those who are on the journey of memorization.


To stay healthy and fresh, have a diet that is halaal and tayyib as said in the Quran. Try out the following sunnah food to increase your memory power and boost your energy.

  • Dates
  • Olives
  • Figs
  • Almonds
  • Honey


Google search box is full of questions about Quran memorization in 1 year or so. We are going to answer some of the questions here for your convenience.

Is it possible to memorize Quran on your own?

You can be on one side. Memorizing Quran on your own VS memorizing Quran online. We suggest memorizing the Quran online because a professional teacher or an online school can help and guide you better.

What if I am not regular in my hifz?

Sorry! Then you will never accomplish your goal of memorization. To achieve your targets in the expected time frame, you need to be seriously regular and punctual as well.

Can my teacher help me get motivated?

Yes! It’s only a teacher can motivate you through different techniques and counseling. Otherwise, if you are memorizing on your own you will be left unmotivated.

How many times should you revise hifz verses to make them perfect?

The more the better! Ideally speaking you should revise the memorized verses at least 10 times to make them perfect.

How to read Quran in salah?

If you want to revise small surahs then you can recite two or three surahs in one Rakat and if you have more verses, let’s say 40 verses to be revised then break them into smaller parts and adjust according to the Rakat you need to offer.

How to memorize Quran without forgetting it?

Memorization is easy, to keep it in your memory is a big deal! If you want to keep the Quran alive in your heart and mind then the only key is to revise it daily. Do not skip a day for revision.

What is the fastest way of memorizing the Quran?

If you want to memorize Quran quickly then you need to give extra hours daily and revise with extra effort. The more you will learn, re-learn, and revise, the quicker you will finish it.

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