Dua when leaving home – Dua before leaving home

Dua when leaving home:

What do you say when you leave your house. Recite this dua before leaving home in English and Arabic:

بِسْمِ اللهِ ، تَوَكَّلْتُ عَلَى اللهِ وَلَا حَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللهِ

‘In the name of Allah, I place my trust in Allah, and there is no might nor power except with Allah.’(Reference: Abu Dawud)


اللَّهُمَّ إني أَعُوذُ بِكَ أَنْ أَضِلَّ أَوْ أُضَلَّ ، أَوْ أَزِلَّ أَوْ أُزَلَّ ، أَوْ أَظْلِمَ أَوْ أُظْلَمَ ، أَوْ أَجْهَلَ أَوْ يُجْهَلَ عَلَيَّ

‘O Allaah, I take refuge with You lest I should stray or be led astray; slip or be tripped; oppress or be oppressed, or behave foolishly or be treated foolishly.’ (Reference: Abu Dawud)

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